The following are some links to places and things that really chime with me as a creative fan of Star Wars, but also as someone who was a very creative child. Some of these people really feel like kindred spirits! We were unknowingly doing very similar creative projects but seperated by hundreds or even thousands of miles. And for kids, very ambitious projects at that!–especially the first monumental achievement on my list:

Star Wars Remake: A Jongsma/Baker film

“Cardboard.. we’re going to need lots of cardboard.” Back in the 1970s these American kids took on a mammoth project: the recreation–shot for shot–of Star Wars. What they achieved will amaze and charm to hell out of you. I’m amazed that these guys didn’t end up working in the blockbuster movie industry!

La Guerra de la Galaxias

Like me, Juan Antonio Pino Rodil, in Spain took on a comic adaptation project of his own. It’s charming as anything too. You can see the love that went into it. Unlike me, he went full colour throughout! It takes considerable work and determination, especially in a kid, and especially when just using thin felt-tip pens and pencil crayons from the toy shop. He literally filled his pages with colour, leaving white space only where it should be. When I did mine, most of the time I was happy just to draw and leave it at that. I wonder if Juan had seen more full-colour comics in Spain than I had? Most or all of the pages in British comics were in black line on white, and that was it. Juan has printed his as a book on a non-profit basis, partly funded via Kickstarter, and he’s releasing a ‘Special Edition’ version in 2017 to mark the 40th anniversary of the original ‘Star Wars’.

Star Wars: The comic that saved Marvel


Absolutely fascinating insider’s view from its original Editor Roy Thomas. This’ll explain why the first few issues looked so unlike the film (and therefore, how Vader came to be drinking coffee)!

Topless Robot

The 11 Least Necessary Star Wars Comic Book Stories
Very, very funny critique!

Blue Milk Special


An excellent, funny, top-quality production. This web-comic is a scene-by-scene take on the original Star Wars film; beyond; behind and in-between! Unlike mine, this is intentionally funny! A labour of love.

Turning to the Dorkside

Neil Baker‘s funny take on Jabba’s palace. One of the strips was later animated with Jeremy Bulloch’s voice!

Livingroom Wars

“While I’m away, my Living Room becomes a battlefield.” Phil Custodio’s very funny and original toy & photography-based webcomic mashup. can you spot your own childhood toys there? It’s quite a cast!

LegoStar Galactica

Laugh-out-loud hilarious Sci-Fi webcomic starring lego characters – with frequent SW references. This is actually updated daily!

Related to Childhood

Growing Up Star Wars

One of the most charming places you could visit online. Former Star Wars comic illustrator Glen Mullaly says: “With the creation of this group you now have permission to post (…) yourself as Princess Leia in 1977 (…) or that crayon portrait you did of the Death Star Droid that hung on your parent’s fridge for months in 1979… Even that great shot of your little brother meeting an off-model Darth Vader at some local in-store promotion in 1983.”

Episode Nothing

For those who knew Luke Skywalker before Darth Vader was his father

A brilliant title and blog about the first movie and what it was like to be there when it hit. Darren writes wonderfully about his own experiences and always gives a vivid 1970s context. One of the things he loves about my own site is that it talks about – and shows what it was like to be there. He noticed that there aren’t that many that actually do.

Please go visit and add lots and lots and LOTS comments about your own Star Wars experiences of 1977 onward!

Tiny Art Director

Not kids’ drawings but a hilarious collection of drawings commissioned and usually rejected by the illustrator’s daughter. Highly recommended!

Monster Engine

Illustrations by an excellent digital artist – from real kids’ drawings. Wonderful! A must-see.

Axe Cop

Talk about a site that needs no introduction! There’s a sort of sympatico between SWa9 and Axe Cop.