This Star Wars adaptation is the first of the childhood comics which I published online.  You can jump straight to page 1 and work your way through, or jump to a chapter.

Chapter 1

Begin with two existing versions of the front cover and see Vader’s Star Destroyer bombard and capture Princess Leia’s rebel Blockade Runner ship, the Tantive IV. You’ll also meet R2-D2, C-3PO, Luke, Biggs and Luke’s so-called friends. And see the Death Star. (Includes gory violence at times).

Chapter 2

A shortish chapter: The Droids crash-land their escape pod on Tatooine and are captured by the Jawas!

Chapter 3

The shortest chapter: The Droids meet Luke, who sees Leia’s hologram. It also includes the first of my ‘grown-up’ comic art, when I decided to have a go and see if I can actually do the real thing!

Chapter 4

Artoo escapes into the desert, and Luke and Threepio set off in pursuit only to be attacked by Sandpeople. They meet Ben (Obi Wan) Kenobi, who tells Luke of the Jedi, the father he never knew and his lightsaber. Luke refuses the Campellian call to adventure and a shock is in store for Luke back at his uncle Owen and Aunt Beru’s farm.

Chapter 5

Ben, Luke, Threepio and Artoo arrive at Mos Eisley spaceport,  meet Han Solo, and they shoot and blast out of Docking Bay 94 aboard the Millennium Falcon. Features my 3rd grown-up comic page.

Chapter 6

Darth Vader interrogates Princess Leia, Alderann is destroyed, Dejarik 3D holographic space chess is played, Luke receives his first Jedi training from Ben, and the Millennium Falcon and our heroes are captured by the Death Star.

Chapter 7

Action! Luke, Han, Ben, Threepio and Artoo sneak from the Millennium Falcon into the control room. Ben goes alone to disable the Tractor Beam and the rescue of the Princess kicks off!

Chapter 8

All out action and chaos and thrills! The longest chapter: The rescue is going badly wrong and gets worse when Leia gets our heroes into the trash compactor to face the grip of the slithery dianoga and relentlessly converging steel walls! Ben and Vader finally meet—and duel to the death, enabling the others to blast off from the Death Star and escape.

Chapter 9

T.I.E. Fighter attack! A short chapter. Tarkin claims the dubious credit of letting our heroes escape—with a hidden tracking device. And Luke hears Ben’s voice in his head.

Chapter 10

The Last Battle (of Yavin)! Luke and the the rebel pilots  are briefed on the Death Star’s vulnerability, and the attack plan. Biggs dies, Han redeems himself, the space station is destroyed, and there is great celebration in the Throne Room!