Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Leia’s reverting to type and being very cranky with Solo.

Script & Movie Notes

Hmmm. I still seem to be having problems with that word ‘cockpit’—even years later after < I drew the death of Biggs, which you can see < here. Was I too embarrassed by the word ‘cock’ (actually, I still find it hard to use the proper word for the male version of a chicken. Silly eh?). Neil baker assured me on that other page with the word ‘cokpit’ that “(…) Cok is an awesome word.”

Leia is being such a cranky cow in this one isn’t she? How is that supposed to help matters? Solo is pretty much cool as a cucumber—but obviously worried. I suppose she’s being true to her nature in the previous film, ‘Star Wars’. It’s great though, because not only is it funny, but it increases the tension , and gives Solo a chance to impress her whilst under extreme pressure and stress—partly from her.

And all of that, lays the ground very nicely for their romance later on.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… once Leia and Han expressed their true feelings for one another—“I love you!” and “I know”—so romantic—there wasn’t really anywhere else for them to go dramatically; hence, Solo just ended up being a sarcastic, eye-rolling bore in Return of the Jedi. I mean, maybe young girls enjoyed their love-dovey stuff in Jedi but I didn’t, particularly.

Lazer Cannon

Really? I thought saying ‘lazer’ was kind of uncool in Star wars. You’d say ‘blaster’ or ‘lightsaber’. But Lazer is a bit… I dunno, Flash Gordony. 50s Sci-Fi B-Movieish.

Art Notes

That side-profile of Han in panel 3 is really nice. I can only suppose it was copied from Al Williamson’s Marvel version. I thought Chewie’s new hairstyle in Empire was really nice. Very cool. Thinking about it, it was a little bit like Han’s. A bit liek best friend’s trying to look like each other. Besides, don’t they say that owners often end up looking like their dogs? Or is it the other way around…

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