Gentle Ben, the Monklike Jedi, refers to his fellow creatures as… scum? And I reflect on the Force Awakens Trailers and TV Spots and whether we should be anxious about spoilers with a mere month to go until the new movie comes out!


John, you Berk!

So there I was – toiling over the « 2011 page that precedes this one and guess what? Tonight I discover that I already did do a page covering this bit of the film, when I was a kid. Seems I hadn’t copied this page’s image file over from the old site. Ah, just as well I suppose – or I never would have done that « new one.


Art Notes

But look! I have been vindicated: I just found the text from the old site and it actually reads:

“Bit of an abrupt jump. We need a wide establishing shot of the group on the cliff. Perhaps I’ll find the time to do a new 2010 one at some point? – future plans…

I always thought of the Jedi as somewhat monkish – priestly. Ben’s a lovely old fellow, so it’s a bit shocking to see him stand there speaking of his fellow creatures as “scum”. Don’t you think? Good line though Mr. Lucas.

“What a hole!” Excellent line, master White!”



John White, drawing star wars comics on the bedroom floor

Me, drawing my comics on the bedroom floor, late 1970s View Larger

Apparently my dad had been doing some Management Consultancy work from Ireland for a company named Serge A. Birn and Co. Inc. How I loved getting bundles of old office paper. It was even better when they had a staple through 1 corner, because in a funny way, that made them like a drawing pad. When he brought home a stapler I was very excited, because I could turn my home-made comics into real ones!


Surprise, New Episode 7, TV Spot!

Another big Force Awakens surprise!

(11 Nov 2015) Whoo! We got another load of footage from the new Star Wars film!

There’s a terrific shot of Han Solo – looking cool! And the Millennium Falcon in action – in a forest! (I’m trying not to be too spoilery here). But you know what?



I’d actually been hoping that there would be a fan-edit with everything that’s been officially released so far, and it came, courtesy of James Darling, co-creator of Science Vs. Cinema.

The Super-Cut of ‘The Force Awakens’ Trailers

You know, it was really exciting! Over 3 minutes long! And what happened next? This week, he released a Super-Duper-Cutwhich included the new TV Spot (see: above). I watched it, and enjoyed it but I felt that what was starting to become apparent was that I need more plot and dialogue, for it to hold my attention over even just 3.5 minutes. So after a second or third viewing I decided I wouldn’t watch any more of it.


Spoiler-Avoidance: is it worth it?

Listening to my nice pal Paul Bateman, concept designer atPinewood Studios, speak so eloquently and insightfully on Rebel Force Radio last week about the « International Trailer, I was struck by a great closing remark that he made about avoiding more trailers and TV spots so as not to spoil the film. Paul recommended that we, shouldn’t stress over it, and just enjoy the ride during the run-up to the film’s release. “Better to have loved and lost, than to have not loved at all.” he said. Which, I thought was brilliant. Look at it this way: you might be disappointed by the film anyway. So why not enjoy the hell out of the trailers and all of the fun, exciting discussion on Podcasts and the like?

My only reservation now is that I want to avoid the actual spoilers that are online and – getting back to that Super-Duper-Cut – I’m fearful that editor James Darling, himself, has read the leaked script. So it’s quite possible that what he’s assembling is closer and closer to the running order of the actual movie. I’d prefer not to know the structure of the thing before I see it. I knew exactly what was going to happen in Empire Strikes Back when I saw it, aged 12; but I was happy enough to see amazing special effects, all my favourite characters and some more Star Wars space movie action. As an adult, I need a bit more. I want a new engaging story.


Too much of a good thing

The other thing that occurred to me is that I’ll see the material so many times it’ll become a bit like getting to Christmas Day, after nearly 2 months of seeing it in every shop and all over the TV, and the shine will have faded somewhat.

So from here on, I’ll just enjoy the hell out of the official trailers and TV spots – and not over-indulge.

I haven’t decided yet – whether to look at those Entertainment Weekly photos