Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Han’s relishing the prospect of impressing Leia

And it looks as if Chewie is too. Look at the grin on him! If we could see his hands, he’d be rubbing them together.

grinning chewbacca star was comic page detail

Above: “Yesss!”

Art Notes

imperial star destroyer comic page detailThat Imperial Star Destroyer shows «a few times in my Star Wars comics. One of the best Star Wars photos I’d had, for a few years, was one I was generously given depicting that type of ship from my pal Niall F, while we were in primary school. He cut it out of his Star Wars Storybook which I’d coveted so desperately. I don’t know why he gave it to me, but I think I’d begged him for it. I also don’t know how he could bring himself to cut the photos out of it in the first place!

Above: Evidence?

The scan of the school copybook above looks like proof of how I’d pestered him for it, in the late 70s; reaching over to my left to write on his copybook during class. But strangely, it looks like Niall’s writing, not mine. Maybe he was quoting me?

“Will you let me have that pic of the star destroyer from those pages?”
“Oh John nice fella generous.”

tie fighters and bombers comic page detail

I used to write the onomatopaeic word ‘scorch’ for TIE Fighter sounds. I think that was my on invention and not from any comic. I think, though I’m not positive, that the Empire Strikes Back documentary: ‘Movie Magic’ which I saw in 1980, said that Ben Burtt used an elephant call for TIE Fighters. It wouldn’t surprise me. There was no end to his imagination, and and the inventive ways in which he manipulated and combined sounds for Star Wars!

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