Wait, Luke! It’s too dangerous.

Artwork Notes

This is just the later early ’80s stuff. Looks like I was taking a rest from drawing – again!

Film Notes

I recall watching the ‘Making of Star Wars’ with great, wide-eyed excitement all those years ago – probably at Christmas in 1977. I was so impressed with the floating landspeeder effect. They said they simply placed mirrors around the wheels, and tilted them down to reflect the sand. Then – and this is the clever, difficult bit – they painted-in the shadow. In that original film the illusion was fantastic!

landspeeder shadow

Above: The 1977 version, and the 2004 CGI re-jig. more

And it still is. So why waste time and effort re-doing it? Should they take Jason and the Argonauts – ditch Ray Harryhausen’s stop-motion animation and redo it all in CGI? Because it’ll look perfect? Touch up Primitive Man in 2001 so that the hair on his head connects more naturally with the body suit?

Oh, leave it alone. Move on for God’s sake.