c.1980? | age 12? Another unfinished page, which I’m publishing as an ‘inbetween-updates-bonus-update’. Vader’s getting pretty pissed off in this one. It’s time for him to get more hands-on I think!

Dating the pages

It is so hard to put dates on many of these pages. Maybe I was even 14 or 15 when I did this, just so hard to say.

I do look for clues, like:

  • Quality of drawing and writing—obviously
  • The type of paper used and what’s on the back of it
  • The image and script references
  • Other stuff I did which I can put a date on that looks similar

But it’s very difficult. I’ve never been very good at detective work and big-wide-ranging-analysis. I can’t seem to hold it all in my head and see the connections. Concentrating on one thing at a time is more my thing. It’s further proof that I never should have worked in the headwrecking world of I.T. with all of its code and complex systems!

. . .