later 1978? | age 10? This page certainly “sucks” but we get a couple of memorable lines. And I swear: this is the last one in which the Imperials ‘contine’ to blast the Tantive

Art Notes


It’s funny you know, people often remark on the amazing impact of the Imperial Destroyer coming in over the top of the audience at the start of the film. There’s no doubt about what a masterstroke that was – it just went on and on, over our heads – and said so much right from the get-go about this small band of rebels, dwarfed by the awesome behemoth might of the Empire. Awesome. It’s an over-used description but apt in this case. It challenges the opener of 2001 for sheer spectacle.

imperial destroyer flies overhead

A teeny bit more impressive than my version.

But when I look at these pages of mine, I don’t seem to have tried hard enough to capture that level of mind-shaggingness. Odd considering that I was blown away by it like everyone else and probably had it going through my mind most of my waking hours. Oh yes, actually – I did.

Prepare to enter: ‘Scribbly Space’

star wars comic image

I see that I made an attempt at depicting space as black for a change. But, it’s half-hearted, as ever. You can’t cover much – very easily, with a BIC Biro.

Fat Farms Suck

“And now being sucked up inside…”

In the bottom panel – yes, the sucking one – there are shake-lines around the cruiser. It seems to be struggling to bear the weight! Poor Carrie Fisher had to agree to go to a fat-farm (her words, not mine) if she was granted the role. I really don’t think that was fair. I’ve seen the screen-tests, and she was perfect.

Yet More Masterful Writing

“Out numbered… by one cruiser”

Yes, there are some daft lines in this page. “Sucked-up” is a goody. As is “Out numbered… by 1 cruiser.”

↓ Transcript
A 3-panel Star Wars comic page, drawn in navy-blue biro. With some sparse colouring in red and blue felt-tip pen/marker, and a little bit of blue colouring pencil. Space is rendered as a load of scribbly cross-hatching with dots!

Panel 1

The Imperial Star Destroyer is flying in overhead - similar to the actual film. It and the Tantive IV Rebel blockade runner are exchanging blue and red laser fire. Tiny planet Tatooine is in the background.

Panel 2

We get more of a side-on view of the two ship in action now, with Tatooine behind. The big ship is really blasting away at the smaller Rebel one.

'The Cruiser contines (sic) to blast the small Rebel ship'

'The Rebel ship is out-numbered and out-gunned - '

Panel 3

'By one Cruiser'

We are now below, looking up under the two ships as the Imperial ship Devastator directs a broad blue and yellow tractor beam on the Tantive IV.

'And now being sucked up inside by...'

We see shake lines around the Imperial ship, as if it's straining to pull the Rebels inside.