c.1981 | age 12 or 13 I honestly had no idea where the name ‘Devastator’ had come from when I began this site in 2009. But I re-read the novelisation and there it was! I suppose it’s better than Pinafore.

It’s gas. The rebel captain implores the Imperials to cease fire and says “I repeat!” As if that’s a sentence that makes some sort of sense. To me, in c.1980 it obviously didn’t mean anything. It was simply something that people said in bad films, TV shows and comics: a cliché.

“Yes?” (The Devastator might answer)

“Yes, what?” (The Tantive 4)

“You said ‘I repeat‘.” (Devastator)

“So?” (Tantive 4)

“Well, I repeat what?” (Devastator)

“You mean, what was it I was going to repeat?” (Tantive)

“YES!” (Devastator)

“Ooh. You know it’s really funny, but I can’t remember now” (T)

“Ha ha ha. I bet it’ll just come back to you out of the blue”(D)

“I know – ha ha – when I least expect it.” (T)

“You know, when this is over we should do coffee mornings” (D)

A Nice Surprise!

star wars twitter

Just a couple of days ago [July 2014] – I received this notification. Very nice!

It was a big thing when Bonnie Burton ordered the Official Star Wars Tweet Droid follow SWa9 around 2010 – and I wondered [pathetic person that I am] if the Disney sale would purge me from their Follow list. I needn’t have worried.

Though, they do seem to be following just about EVERYONE at the moment!

Comments below please! I love ’em.

↓ Transcript
This comic page was drawn in blue biro pen and coloured with colouring pencils. Space is left as white.

Panel 1:

We see Princess Leia's ship, the Tantive 4 come in from the top of this first comic panel. It's being fired upon. ZAKEE! ZARK!

A speech balloon - floating in space - announces, "This is the Devastator halt or we fire!" (the name Devastator must have come from the Star Wars Radio Drama)

One shot bursts right beside the Tantive IV's 'head'.

Panel 2

Now the Imperial Star Destroyer ship, Devastator, comes down into shot - in emulation of the film itself: 'The lumbering giant Imperial Star Destroyer does not heed the smaller ship's captain's pleas -- and fires!' A jagged, shouty speech balloon from the Imperials shouts, "You are in a restricted area!"

We see the planet Tatooine below in all of its fiery red and yellow glory. It looks a lot more interesting from up here.

The Tantive's captain replies, "Devastator you must cease fire, we must not be delayed" and "We are a consular ship on a diplomatic mission, I repeat!"

...and actually repeats nothing. Another huge, wide oval explosion bursts from the Tantive 4.