Death Valley Tatooine

Artwork Notes

Good old green felt-tip! Needs must, when there are no blacks or greys left. Do you like the skeleton skull of the Space-Cow?Ah yes, the ubiquitous cow. Notice that « Ben never said to Luke “A cow can moo!” No Tatooine farm-boy could be be impressed by that. Even George included a big grazing animal in those romantic but irritating Episode II scenes. Anakinhorrifies Padme when, let’s face it CGI fans, he unconvincingly lurches across the plain astride a giant tick ^ and falls off. Thankfully he didn’t break his neck.

Or there’d be no Darth Vader.

I see Ben has his hand up on the top of the windscreen here, just like that production still you’ll all be familiar with.

mos eisley checkpoint jigsaw box

Above: My exciting Mos Eisley checkpoint jigsaw puzzle!

Do you like the little step that’s recessed into the speeder? And how about that interior: just one speedometer!

“Shirley – you can’t be serious!”

leslie nielsen

The late beloved Leslie Nielsen who died today

Surely (Shirley?) there should be a brain-blistering array of gizmos? A la the film Airplane!Which links neatly into a little mention of the late Leslie Nielsen whose passing has been announced this morning.(Originally written Nov 2010)Someone suggested on the radio this morning that his Epitaph should end with the line“And don’t call me Shirley.”

Not only did he star inAirplane! a film which debuted a totally new style of comedy, but he also starred in one of the most worshipped of all Sci-Fi movies: The Forbidden Planet. So whatever about the somewhat up and down quality of his output, he’s had much to be proud of. I think he probably did whatever he worked on with genuine honesty and brought smiles wherever he went. He once said that “When I run I look like a food mixer.” (reminds me of Harrison Ford!) He also used to keep a rude noise making device on him which he’d sometimes activate when interviews became too serious. So many entertainers that I’ve enjoyed have come from Canada – it’s fascinating.

The shadow underneath was pretty economically scrawled in. I’m telling you, when you’re only 9, it’s not easy to match the great job those « matte painters did on the film. And no, for once I’m not being sarcastic. « Read yesterday’s page , you’ll see.

Narrative Notes

Once again, we’re cutting to the chase at 9 years old. No mucking about. They don’t even get out of the speeder to kick over dead Jawas! (the only fun available to teenagers on this dust-ball).

(See the two « scars on Luke’s face here again?)

↓ Transcript

(A single panel page. Exterior shot, Tatooine, Ben Kenobi and Luke Skywalker in the landspeeder, the Sandcrawler is burning behind them, a cow's horned skull lies on the sand in the foreground.)

"Stormtroopers! Home—quick!" shouts Luke.