Art Notes

Skipping to the good bits

Yep, still at the droid sale – but we are making some progress. And sudden, rapid progress it is too! Luke gasps those immortal words, “She’s beautiful!” A lot is compressed into one page here. I wish I still still had such editorial skills. A commentator last year said:

“You skipped over one of the major pieces of exposition in the film. Nothing like skipping to the good bits, eh?”

He’s referring to Leia’s holographic speech.

luke artoo an threepio comic page detail

Now that – is one economically drawn Threepio!

Weird Yellow faces

In panel 2, Luke looks like someone’s just lobotomised him – from behind. And we get some more yellow faces. Seriously, I think I actually thought Americans were golden skinned, nicely tanned types. When the warm yellow pencil or marker ran out in my pack, I’d switch to plain yellow and think nothing of it. I was decades ahead fo the Simpsons.

Luke then turns into some sort of weird Kirk Douglas at the end of the page.

70s’ male grooming

imperial sideburns

Imperial Side-Boards. I think this fellow went on to act in the horrid British ‘Soap’ Eastenders.

I’ve given Luke that awful 70’s blow-dried and hair-sprayed David Cassidy disco look. I really envied such fabulous hair myself. Hair that’s so unnaturally smoothed back at the sides.

In the film – to be fair – the characters look pretty timeless. More credit to George I suppose – or was it another unsung Star Wars hero, this time of the hair and makeup department? The only slight ’70s giveaway is the sideburns – but they’re pretty cool these days anyway. Or side-boards as we called them in Liverpool.

Next: A grown-up, page, done by me as an adult!!!