c.1982? | age 14?  My drawing was getting pretty nifty at this stage. It’s not the best of them, there’s later stuff than this, but check out the silhouetting of the Quad Cannon when the TIE Fighter explodes. Not bad!

Bonus Content: extra panels on the back!

The comic stuff on the back of this page» doesn’t warrant being given a Friday slot of its own, because there’s so little of it. So, it’ll give it an inbetween-updates Sunday page instead. But you can take a peek in advance right now. I think it’s the later-drawn stuff that I mentioned. Probably 1983 or ’84. I clearly felt that the story needed a bit more added to it.

More was added to the back of this page see it here>

I recorded audio clips of this scene on my tape recorder as a kid. Did you ever sit by the TV during a movies show or something, in the hope that something would come on—tape recorder at the ready? Perhaps it was the Academy awards. Anyway, they played a montage on either the Oscars or the BAFTAs, and I taped it. By God, I replayed that so many times! It was only about 15 seconds, but pure gold: from the actual film!

Leia: “We’ve lost the lateral contrlols!
Solo: “Don’t worry – she’ll hold together”
Vader: “I’ll take him myself (…) Stay in attack formation”

Hearing Vader’s voice over and over, whenever I wanted was the best! For some extra content, this is actually me, doing just that, in my other Webcomic: Between * Wars.

recording TV shows on audio cassette tape when we were kids

My ‘Between * Wars‘ comic, set in the 1970s

Rose Tinted Auricles?

ben burtt

Mr.Burtt, I’m your biggest fan! How do you like, come up with your ideas?

I was convinced that Star Wars had a particular sound; an audio quality you didn’t hear in other films or television shows. But just to hear their voices—particularly Vader’s—was thrilling. Well, Ben Burtt did win the Academy Award in 1978 for sound editing didn’t he?

I’ve said it before, but you have to remember that back in the late ’70s, there was no BluRay, DVD, YouTube or even Video recorders (unless you were very well-off, or living in a council house). Kids would enthuse—or boast: “I saw it 6 times!” on its first release. Was this because their parents loved it too?


Incidentally, this scene in the radio series is fantastic. Solo even takes the trouble to explain the guns, their controls and display screen to Luke. Check out the Facebook page for the radio series if you like? And do you think George was thinking about computer games when they did this?