Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Han braves the hellish Hoth blizzard to save his friend Luke.


Yes, this was an odd sounding bit in the Star Wars universe, but something similar has since appeared in The Last Jedi, when Laura Dern’s character says “Godspeed”. That got people feverishly chatting online after the film came out. Funnily enough, Jedi now almost seem to be somewhat Godlike in their latest revealed powers.

Han Solo comic drawing

Nice! I wonder where I copied it from?

Art Notes

That drawing of Han really sticks out on this page. If I really drew that from my own imagination, I’ll bet I was really proud of it! I flicked through Al Williamson’s Marvel adaptation artwork, the Storybook and the novelisation but I couldn’t find any images like it. So, I dunno—was it a bit of a fluke?

There’s more colour on this page than usual which is nice to see.

Film Notes

Director Irwin Kershner and Hamill described how they shot this scene with Mark Hamill, through the open door of a Norwegian log cabin during a blizzard. The crew were all clustered around inside the open door—with a toasty fire raging in the hearth—with the camera pointing out of it—and Mark Hamill was outside on his own in the snow—freezing!

I’d love to read your comments below! Do you think it sounds weird to hear ‘Hell’ or ‘Godspeed’ in Star Wars?