Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Lock, stock and barrel from Marvel—with a few little tweaks

Art Notes

I didn’t change much from Al Williamson’s Marvel version here. I made it easy on myself though, and only drew 1 complete X-Wing.

It’s funny that the X-Wings are described as ‘hidden’. They’re right out in the open!


I like the colouring on Luke’s flight-suit very much on this page. The orange felt-tip marker colour seems to have changed the blue biro to a very vivid purple—and there’s possibly a bit of what’s called ‘Simultaneous Contrast’ going on, with the 2 colours. When you put 2 complimentary colours (orange and blue) beside each other, they mutually boost eachother’s intensity in the eye and brain.

There’s actually been a trend in movie posters—and movies—the last couple of years, of using oranges and blues together. In the 80-s it became a popular lighting style in Spielberg and post-Spielberg movies. You’d front-light a character in blue and back-light in orange or warm yellow. And do the reverse. I remember trying it out myself in studio, when I was in film school around 1988.

Weather Notes: Snowmageddon Fun!

I hope you all got through the Beast from the East weather event unscathed. My son Johnny was off school for 3 days last week and we had a great time with him, and so did he with his school friends, sleighing and snowball fighting! I have to say, I’m very sad to see it melting away in the rain since yesterday. Fingers crossed that we’ll get some more this year, but it’s unlikely. It was the first decent snow we’d had in about 7 or 8 years!

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