early 1978 | age 9 We’re going way back in time again in this page and the next. These are the most childishly drawn ones, and my favourites. I’m guessing I took my visual references from the collectible «trading cards.

star wars comic page detail image rebel briefing room

Now, there’s uninhibited youthful confidence in one’s er… ability

. . .

The Beginning of the End

It’s the first page of the final part of this epic. That’s right readers: SWa9’s days are numbered! But I’m going to do a big push for the next couple of months to get the site out there before the book ends. I’d appreciate your help in sharing the pages online too. Someday, hopefully, I’ll get the comic book printed as an actual physical book which I’ll be able to distribute far and wide on a strictly non-profit basis. Mark Hamill should definitely get one!

. . .

Nyaaaaa…. shuddup!

Another of those bizarre Marvel covers!

Yeah, boring. Well, it looks as if our heroes were successful in storming the rebel fortress all guns blazing. And, all has been forgiven.

In the novel, Red Leader stands up and questions the sanity of Dodonna’s attack plan; in the film, it’s some bloke or other; but in this proper SWa9 version, it’s Wedge Antilles. He asks a reasonable question, egged on by Luke, “Yeah”; but when the rest of the gathered pilots are silent, Luke orders Wedge to sit down as if he’s an idiot. It’s almost as if Luke encouraged Wedge to stand up in front of everyone and ask a possibly stupid question, with the reasurance that Luke would back him up.

Ah, the joys of work!

. . .

‘Snub Fighter’

A must see fan-edit! This is such a clever re-telling of that final battle. Funny stuff!

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