c.1982/83? | age 14/15? ‘Proton Torpedoes’ always sounds a bit funny to me. Kind of like “Chewie, bring me the Hydro-Spanner‘.” I suppose Proton and Hydro must sound sound kinda futuristic and , I dunno… er, spacey?

I’m a Diversion?

“Remember, we (X-Wings) are to divert the defences from the Y-Wings – who are making the attack” (Blue Leader?)

X-Wing fighter star wars comic page detail image

Suicide Mission

So Han was right. It is a suicide mission. Do you think when Luke spent all of those years on the farm, dreaming of being a famous rockstar pilot, saving the Galaxy and getting the girls; he pictured himself flying about for a few minutes with a big red sign on the side of his ship reading



No, I don’t think so either.


When I re-listened to the Radio Dramas a few years ago, for the first time since I was a young teenager, I heard this expressly stated as the tactic, by one of the characters—maybe Red or Blue Leader—as the tactic. I was surprised that I’d forgotten all about it. I should have at least made the connection between the Y-Wings as the WWII Bombers, and the X-Wings as the supporting WWII fighter plane escort. But it’s expressly stated that the X-Wings are to draw the enemy fire from the Y-Wings!

Art Notes

Star Wars Blue Squadron Leader in a star wars comic page detail image

You can see the rust stains around the staple holes on Blue Leader’s left cheek

If I did that first panel today, I think I’d actually be pretty happy with it. Though I think the linework would be in a different style. I probably drew it when I was around 15 or so. There was no doubt in my mind at that point in my life: I was going to be a comic artist. I was. I just bloody well was! It was great back in the days when I still had ambition. But of course, it was partly based on my naivety, but I wouldn’t mind some more of that now. You know, the belief than when you get older, you’ll be one of the best that there is—at what you do—in the world.

Best. In the world.

When you’re young, you’re innocent of how the world works and even that there are lots of other very talented people out there. It’s a great time of your life. Anything seems possible!

But anyway, this drawing is so good that it makes me wonder if I copied it from something else! There’s a real maturity about it and I don’t just mean technically. The perspective is pretty damned good but it has a serious, real-life feel to it. Quite cinematic.

Maybe it was inspired by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer’sTomb of Dracula’ Marvel Comics artwork? Maybe Blue Leader’s wearing Blade’s goggles!

My all-time favourite comic art. Gene Colan & Tom Palmer, on Marvel’s ‘Tomb of Dracula’