Age 10/11, 1979/1980? The hot hits blasting from Mos Eisley Cantina Disco have attracted Imperial attention… and Han Solo prefers punk rock?

Yep, it’s Wuher’s cantina like you’ve never ever seen it before! I wonder why? Jabba’s latest hit, “Does your mother know?” is blaring from the only speaker in the whole place, straight into Luke’s face.

Perhaps landlord Wuher is spinning the tracks himself? With his pre-dubbed-into-American cockney accent?

We start off with a fancy techy cybery computer read out. Not so fancy perhaps. Even hi-tec computers make spelling mistakes and messy corrections.

I just love the way Leia is loving it so much and shouts, “Isn’t this great, Luke?” I think maybe she’s never been to a 1970s disco before!

Han looks a bit pissed off though. Is it just the music, or is it because he’s appearing in the most embarrassing load of crap since the Star Wars Holiday Special? I bet he said, “Never again. Ever!”

But here he is!

More attempts to out-awful the Holiday Special, in the next episode: this Friday.

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