Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Luke and Han are found by the Rebel Snowspeeder search team.

I’m stuck for time at the moment—hence the late appearance of this Friday installment on a Saturday—so I’ll keep any waffling about this page very brief!

If You’re Gonna Copy: Copy He Who is the Best at Copying

rebel snowspeeder pilot

Copied form the Marvel Adaptation

Everything here is based on visual references. Some from the Al Williamson art in the Marvel comic adaptation, and some from the Empire Strikes Back Storybook. Oh, when I saw that book for sale in the newsagent shop in Naas town as a kid in 1980 or ’81?—it was so exciting. I just had to have it! But I would have been careful not to flash it around in school for fear of being laughed at.

That bacta tank idea was cool wasn’t it? It was nice to see a startlingly new, but plausible scientific concept appearing in Star Wars. I wonder if we’ve had any other such inclusions in Star Wars. The solar sail in one of the Prequels? The bacta medical treatment has since been used again in Rogue One and The Last Jedi. It beats being covered in medicinal maggots!

By the way, it’s pretty neat the way I horizontally stretched the bubbles in the tank. It’s not so obvious in the storybook’s photo, but I must have been familiar with that optical effect.

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