Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Ka-blammo! Another Walker is destroyed by Luke.

Script & Art Notes

According to this version, Luke is knocked unconscious when he drops back to the snow. Was he in the film? I can’t remember. He isn’t in the Marvel version, or the Storybook, but he is in the novelisation. It’s funny how there are so many tellings of the Star wars films. It’s almost as if seeing the films is as if we’re actually there, and the other accounts in the comics, books, radio dramas, novelisations and storybooks—are like partially or mostly accurate New Testament Gospels with common threads and similar threads running through them.

Luke doesn’t look unconscious here though does he? Despite what I wrote into the page. He’s looking up and enjoying the show!

Luek watches the AT-At walker explode

Luke admires his handiwork—even though he’s apparently ‘unconscious!’

Silly Vader

According the Vader, the Rebel scum were alerted to the Imperial’s presence by Ozzel coming “out of light-speed too close to Hoth.”

Waitaminit… Weren’t the rebels alerted by:

  1. The Probe Droid, and… uh, what was that other thing?
  2. Oh yeah: A load of freaking great Walkers advancing on and shooting at the rebel base?

Idiot. but rather than admit he’s wrong, he’ll strangle Ozzel anyway. Bloody managers!

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