Age 13/14/15? | 1981/82/83? Imperial flippin’ Walkers—at last. And they’re sparkly too!

Imperial at-at walkers seen through macrobinoculars


It’s 6:30am

Just after the cornflakes and tea. How does that work in Star Wars though? How long are the days on Hoth? Can you even say, Luke is 16 years old? Do they use ‘Standard Galaxy Time?’

Hey, nice typographic flourish, young me! See where it says ‘read on—’ in fancy joiney-uppy writing? I did that at least once before, in my ‘Star Wars’ comic adaptation. «And here it is. It’s that Epilogue bit, or as I pronounced it as a kid: Ee-pillow-jee.

Art Notes

Imperial at-at walkers in the horizon

Ooh—shiny! Says a… big rabbit?

Hey, is that… Jaxxon the giant Star Wars rabbit? Or are rebels taking to fancy-dressing whist in duty?

jaxxon the giant star wars rabbit

‘Jaxxon’, from the first follow-up comic story to Marvel’s adaptation of ‘Star Wars’

Hey, check out the glass (force-shield) bubble around the rebel’s giant gun. There’s something a little bit ALIEN-ey about it. The production design on ALIEN was a big influence on me. And it was hugely influenced by Star Wars. Ridley Scott loved the grimy, beaten-up, second-hand-look of it. Anyway, I digress…

I wonder if many people will see today’s page? Hardly anyone usually does, and today it’s up against the first ‘Solo‘ movie trailer! Enjoy this page and the Solo trailer Star Wars fans.

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