Age 12/13? | 1980/81?  A scene in Empire that’s reminiscent of old Hollywood: Hepburn and Tracy, and Gable and O’Hara.

Gone with the Ice Storm

And you know what? When the Empire Strikes Back poster was being created, one of George Lucas’ specific directions was: make it like ‘Gone with the Wind’.

gone with the wind empire strikes back posters comparison

Looks familiar! From:

Luke, Leia, Han romance?

I don’t recall my feelings at the time but when we all saw that poster, we must have wondered what the hell happened to the inevitable Luke/Leia romance. But really, the first film set up—probably inadvertently—the far more interesting prospect of Han and Leia. Luke was potentially on the path to becoming a warrior monk, and Solo the grown-up scoundrel was so much more the opposite to, and therefore a more interesting character pair-up for Leia. Even if the romance came to nothing, their dynamic sparring in the first film paved a way for yet more entertaining fireworks between them in the sequel, and a more interesting build-up to their first kiss.

This makes me wonder if Luke and Leia’s relationship ever came close to romance in the follow-up Marvel stories between ‘Star Wars’ and the sequel. Do you know what? I’m not sure!

Look Behinnnnnnd you!

wampa smashes through wall

Are you deaf, Leia?

Wampas were originally scripted to break into Echo Base in the film, and the scenes were shot, but then cut. I’ve kept it. But even in the midst of a heated—possibly hormone-fulled argument—don’t you think the my comic’s Leia and Han would notice a huge terrifying monster breaking out of a wall, just a couple of feet behind them?

You can view those cut scenes on the most recent BluRay of the Special Edition version of The Empire Strikes Back. Which is why, I’ve never seen them. And probably never will (snarky comment).

Despite what I’ve said elsewhere about this comic, it actually does have some silly moments of its own, to rival «those in my earlier ‘Star Wars’ comic!

wampa looks through hole in wall

Monster alert!

I’d love to read your comments below: Did you think Luke and Leia would be the romantic couple in the Sequel? Go on, tell us all about it.