…but it’s too far away for me!

Ben tells Luke of Vader – and The Force! And we hear mention of the mysterious Clone Wars…

I liked it when the Clone Wars was this mysterious thing that we couldn’t even begin to imagine!

ben talks of vader and the clone wars - comic page detail

My earliest—most favouritest type

I couldn’t wait to get to this page. Yes, yes – as you know I love these ones. Sorry. These pages, for me at least, spell childhood and nostalgia. Which is really what the site is about. (Ohhhh, the self-indulgence!)

Artwork Notes

In blue felt-tip marker. No black left. I got a bit creative for a 9 year old here! What with Ben in silhouette and the battle conjured in Luke’s mind raging behind him – like some old film noir. I don’t recall seeing this treatment in any other adaptation. Oh, nor was it in the film. I forgot about that version! Sorry George.

ben kenobi - comic page detail

Did he drink too much Guinness and get a Post-pub contusion?

But boringly, as if to compensate for such innovative brilliance, Luke appears in the two panels almost identically – except for his more yellowy complexion after hearing Ben’s story. Ben himself – looking as weird as I could make him at such a tender age – leans in with a red patch on his temple. Having run out that golden colour – that I assumed was normal in California – and having tried yellow on the second instance of Luke – I must have reached for another marker to try on Ben and thought “Oops, too red. I better just leave him white. Maybe in few months I’ll get another packet of markers for me 10th birthday?”

Some production process eh?

My other comic: Between * Wars!

Yesterday I mentioned this other project of mine – please check it out and give it a ‘Share’? – and see today’s absolutely key page of the strip so far!

between wars comic detail - star wars in 1977

Jack persuades his dad to bring him to see Star Wars for the first time in 1977 Read Strip ^

So, what’s Between * Wars all about?

It’s based in the Seventies and crucially – for followers of SWa9 – it’s also in between World War II and Star Wars! It’s full of nostalgia and 70’s popular culture. So if you’re a child of the 70s you’ll get an extra kick out of it. But also, if you’re curious about what I’m doing now, four decades after my childhood Star Wars adaptation, an artist and writer – this is the one to watch. Thanks folks, I’ll hope to see you over there in the comments box or on Facebook and Twitter!

↓ Transcript
(Wide shot of Luke Skywalker and Ben Kenobi, in Ben's home)

Ben stands, in silhouette, with imaginary space battles forming behind him in Luke's mind. Ben tells Luke about Darth Vader (presumably).
"He was the dark lord, leader of the Galactic Empire with Governor Moff Tarkin. Against the Force's Rebels! The Force is an energy field given out by all living things. You must learn of the force Luke!"

Luke only replies, "I hate the Empire an' all, but it's too far away for me!"

ben steps forward to Luke and says, "The suffering of one, is the suffering of all."