Will Ben go all Jedi on his Ass?

A different version of the barroom bully steps in to harass Luke.

Do you think this was before I ever even saw the comic?

Art Notes

This one looks even less like the latterly named and improbably ‘back-storied’ Dr. Cornelius Evazan. He has a single horn on his forehead, a bad dose of the pox and facial hair that wouldn’t look amiss on a pirate. It’s obvious that I could remember very little of my single viewing of the film and had no images to copy. In the 3rd panel he looks different again! A cross between a vampire and an elf!

Alfie Curtis who played Dr.Evazan in Star Wars

Alfie Curtis who played Dr.Evazan. Which anecdotes do you think his grandchildren always ask for?

Bar-thug Evazan was never sold as a toy figure back in ’78 like his pal, Walrus Man; so there wasn’t so much as a tiny pic on the back of the action figure packaging.

I shouldn’t feel bad about it though. In the novel, Walrus Man (now Ponda Baba) who initially utters unintelligibly at Luke is

“a large squarish monstrosity of multiple eyes and indeterminate origin”

Then a grubby, stubby human steps in and escalates the situation. They’re also accompanied by a small rodent-like character. He, at least, sounds familiar from the film?

I have to laugh at panel 3. “SOCK!” and Luke is airborne!

Ben in a pretty un-monk-like attitude just gets pissed-off with the whole thing. Thinking sod this for a game of soldiers – he growls “THAT DOES IT”

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