c.1982/83 | age 14? That’s a pretty hastily sketched-in Leia! I don’t think—even at 13 or 14—that I was that interested in drawing her.

I’m getting through the better drawn stuff at the moment. See the muzzle flare? Very much inspired by « Howard Chaykin. If you freeze frame the original movie you’ll see that most of the time they either did a scratchy mark for a frame or two, and did a flash effect on the film. Like the type you get when you accidentally open a camera and let some light in. Those frames are very colourful. I « wrote about this last year and it was quite pertinent to the colouring in the 1977 Marvel Adaptation. Chaykin instead went for a more fluid ballooning effect – like a mass of napalm or something. Probably a better visual solution than just copying the film (below); not that he would have had access to film frames with composited effects of course.

Film Notes

carrie fisher blinks as she fires

Blink and you’ll miss it! Good ol’ YouTube and freeze frame

When Carrie moves across the corridor in the film after taking Luke’s blaster—she fires a few shots with her prop-gun. You might think that she’s acting blinking as the imaginary shots fire off. But actually, those—usually WWII—weapons really did fire. They fired blanks! That way the actors would fire, and react more realistically.