c.1982/83 | age 14? Yet more of the better quality stuff for you, readers (sorry—but you get the lot). Just try to imagine you’re reading a regular comic? I love this part of the film. Suspense! action! potential peril! snappy enjoyable dialogue! But most of all, the new ensemble of Hamill, Ford, and now Fisher are really gelling. The pessimist, the idealist and the impatient haughty royal!

Art Notes

“(…) maybe you’d prefer it back in your cell?”

She looked away, her face impassive.

—1977 Novelisation

I was still in 3rd or 4th year secondary school when I did this. And you can bet your life that none of my classmates knew about it. At that stage I may have shaken off the mocking ‘Spacer’ tag and had become a heavy rocker.

My favourite part of this page has got to be the icy, silent glare of Leia—speechless before the upstart, Han Solo! Has he forgotten the class of personage to whom he is speaking?

I suppose this disrespectful, even contemptuous working class hero element also appeals to so many of us who don’t appreciate being spoken down to by those ordained at birth to be our superiors! It might even have been the way we’d like to speak to our teachers and Principals at school. Ironically, he’s the true rebel of Star Wars, who had no intention of joining the Rebellion!

(The pages – at present are more brief due to work pressures. I’m endeavouring to keep 3 times per week, but with less of this writing stuff or additional humorous graphics. Hopefully this won’t last long)