1980/1981/1982? | age 12—14? Looks like an actual Empire Strikes Back quote! So: post-Empire. The hyperdrive is also mentioned. But this story really isn’t making sense anymore!

Art Notes: More grown-up artwork

The artwork here is of mixed quality, but it’s more mature. I bet I was in secondary school when I did this, post-Empire. Chewie looks pretty good in the bottom. Other panels are very rough and rushed with a confident swagger. There’s no doubt that Han and Leia, in the bottom panel—and maybe some other—elements were added in at a different time. It’s a weird mix. Some looks like it’s from primary school, and some secondary. It’s very hard to tell.

Story Notes: NRRTHUNG!

chewie han and luke—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: Han wants to go to NRRTHUNG. B-but… why? Seriously. Just why?

So, sticking with the Planet NRRTHUNG plot idea which I rashly wrote myself into, Han now shocks the others by saying he wants to go there! With 2 of their murdered citizens onboard. Is he idly curious? Is he looking for a fight—against an entire planet? What gives?

millennium falcon over a planet—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: How the hell does he know it’s deserted? Star Trek life-reading-scanners?

Apparently Han knows that its deserted. How the hell does he know that? Does he have Star Trek life-reading-scanners? Did he see it in a vision? (<The previously seen giant smashing the Falcon thing). Or is he just looking out of the cockpit and thinking, “Hmm, that bit looks pretty deserted. So it must all be.”

millennium falcon is hit—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: A very wonky looking, but very kinetic looking Falcon

K-RUNCH! POW! Apparently it’s not deserted. OK, that’s mini-twist storywise. It’s always fun to show Han being cocky, and then being proved wrong. He then delivers a very Empire Strikes Back type line: “See ya in hell, kid.” He’s immediately decided that they’re doomed. So, is that it?

chewie han and leia—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: I went to quite a bit of trouble over Chewie here. Must have been enjoying myself!

Leia, just as she does in Empire, smirks and sarcastically says, “C’mon hot-shot, think of something!” She’s doing that, I love to see you failing even if it means we’ll all die thing, again. Han ignores her, and responds by saying to Chewie, “I agree—we have seen enough.” So it was idle curiosity after all. What an incredibly pointless diversion that was in the ‘story.’ Han is an idiot.

Where will the young me take us next? It’s hard say. That what happens when you just make it up as you go along. Yeah, I don’t think Lawrence Kasdan had any need to fear an Irish kid taking his script-writing job!

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