Age 10/11, 1979/1980? Han complains about the lousy dream he’s in—and spoils my fun.

And so, a young boy’s Star Wars dream ends. As does the nightmare of reading this comic. But I was clearly enjoying it at the time. There’s one more page—the back, which is quite funny, and which I’ll publish tomorrow/Friday.

Art Notes

There’s nothing worse than having to draw someone going up a flight of stairs, is there? Many years later, when I was a freelance animator for an Irish Animation studio, I was given the task of animating a character running down some steps—towards the camera! I did the key drawings and all of the inbetween drawings. Took me ages. The Head of animation, for once, wasn’t impressed with what I’d done, “It looks lousy.” he said. It really stung. Especially because the studio in question did the worst possible quality work, but as always, I’d gone the extra mile and tried to do the best possible work—anyway. Yep, stairs are a bitch. Nowadays, in most 2D TV animation, storyboard artists are usually discouraged from recommending such a shot. Stair-climbing animation is time-consuming (unless you do it as a cycle), and characters animating toward camera in perspective makes it even worse! Time = Money.

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