early 1978? | age 9/10? Does Solo feel like he has a duty of care when he says “Luke get the Princess back to the ship”, or does he just want to shift the valuable cargo on-board asap, so he can get the hell out of there and save his and Chewie’s skins?

star wars comic page special edition detail image of han solo and chewbacca

Bosom buddies! It’s another partial SWa9 Special Edition. click for larger view

It’s another ‘Special Edition‘. It’s funny, Chewbacca‘s body seems to consist of nothing but hair! Han‘s shoulder just disappears into Chewie‘s chest. It looks as if I’d intended for Han to stand in front of Chewie, but then decided it’s be nicer if they had their arms around each other. Which is very sweet, don’t you think?

I think this is a page which I had scanned but forgot to publish in the previous incarnation of this website! So even if you’ve journeyed with me through all of SWa9—before that previous site was hacked and I started all over again—you’ll never have seen this one before.

I only just spotted my omission today, so I’ve had to re-arrange things a bit and popped this in before the page you saw last Friday. I wonder if I missed any other pages?!?


That’s Ben Kenobi in panel 2, in a very brief scene-change. I think he’s finished disabling the Tractor Beam and is trying to re-unite with his comrades. Though of course, in the film, it seems that “Escape, is not his plan” according to Vader. It also wasn’t Alec Guinness’ or George Lucas’ plan either—depending on which version of events you believe.

In the top-left of panel 4, it took me a few seconds, but I realised that the the scrawls to the left of the ZAK! are actually parts of Chewie’s face. So most of what’s behind Han Solo is Chewie’s body as he flinches back from enemy fire.

I’m so pleased to have stumbled across and rediscovered this page. I love it!