Age 14/15/16? | 1982/83? Such fun, and exciting scene in Empire Strikes back, which just gets better and better!

Ditching Facebook

facebook logo in bin trashcan

<As I was saying last Wednesday, I’ve decided to get out of Facebook—for good. For various very good reasons. I’ve had enough. I shut down a previous account with them many years ago, and I stayed out for about a year, only to set up another account solely to publicise my creative works—like this one.

But, of course… I just ended up getting sucked back into the whole personal use side of it again. It’s very cleverly designed. But once again, I’m pulling the plug for good. However, I’ve also decided not to delete the SWa9 Facebook page. I had it scheduled for destruction yesterday, and then backed-off today. From here on it’ll be managed by an ‘entity’ with their own Facebook account, known as ‘Lucia Marcas.’ Ho ho ho.

Art Notes

asteroid tie fighter explosion star wars comic page detail

Whammo! Strike-off another more TIE Fighter.

I’m quite impressed with the young me’s work on this page. It’s clearly the work of a teenager, maybe 14 or 15 years old? But wait until you see the ones to follow, I must have been about 16 when I did those.

I was once again using my patented ‘SFTPaS-SFX‘ technique here (Smudged Felt Tip Pen and Spit—Special Effects). You can <read more about that here. But I’m really liking the colours that I chose for those explosions! White > Yellow > Gold > Red > Purpley-red. Corrr… No prizes for guessing that at that age I would have been impressed with realistic, glowy, airbrush illustration. Now I defintely am not. Art College knocked that out of me, thankfully! That, and smudged pencil.

Movie Notes

millennium falcon dives into the asteroid cave explosions star wars comic page detail

Spectacluar spit-smudged marker! Tasty.

The music during this part of the scene is amazing in the film, and more amazing still is the motion-control model work. That bit where the falcon goes up and over and down into the cave is just a miracle of movie making. And without CGI! Not only that, John Williams’ music does this wonderfully gentle and dwindling descending run of notes as the Falcon dives into that cave. Fantastic. Incredible teamwork by everyone involved. What a collaboration!

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