Cor, that 3rd panel’s a bit gruesome eh? Yes, readers, this is the very real human-impact of the action. So spare a thought for the poor« expendable henchmen

Art Notes

Chewbacca calls out to Han to hurry up "harunkk" - detail of this Star Wars comic page of 1981

I’m sorry, but unless inspiration strikes in the next few hours, I don’t have much to say about today’s page. But I reckon it’s from around 1981. But I’ll say this, it’s a pity that I didn’t try to use colour more often isn’t it?

Did any of you have that fantastic poster of Han and Chewie posing in front of the Falcon – a shot that you never saw in the film. I loved that pic. Can’t remember where I got it – unless! – it was from my Star Wars Weekly comic? Long gone now, I think. I found this nice, battered old puzzle online and decided to pop it in here. Stirs more feelings of nostalgia than any, perfectly preserved, pristine one ever could.

star wars jigsaw puzzle

“Interlocking pieces”. I suppose that is something you’d need to know, if you’re buying a jigsaw puzzle

That poor Trooper getting his head blasted « reminds me once again of the shockingly (and implausibly) gory lines from the novel describing the attack on the Tantive IV:

“(the Stormtrooper’s) head a mass of melted bone and metal.”

Melted bone and metal. We’ve seen this « gruesomeness before

I won’t say much more but take a look at this, Calvin and Hobbes fans.

sam watterson style picture of han and chewie

In a Watterson style, by Chris Wahl