1978 or ’79 | age 10 or 11 In a scene somewhat reminiscent of what would happen in the yet to arrive actual sequel to ‘Star Wars,’ one of the main characters is savaged by a wild beast in the opening minutes!

Burning Up on Re-entry

Kids, do not try this at home. Despite what Darth says here—as if he knows what he’s talking about: you do not cool down a space-ship that is burning up on re-entry by GOING FASTER. That’s a bit like trying to get less wet in torrential rain by running faster. OK, maybe that might work—a little bit. A university study in the UK actually studied this and it seems that there’s an optimal walking/running speed depending on various factors etc blah blah blah….

And besides… how can he go faster, if he has no power? Is he jumping up and down on the floor like he did as a kid in the elevator? Sorry: conservation of energy, equal opposite reaction… something.

But enough science. That’s for the realm of Sci-Fi. This… is STAR WARS.

Art Notes

Kong Lives!

That’s a nice Kong in panel 2. It was only a couple of years before that I went to see the remake of King Kong in the cinema in Perth, Scotland, with a pal. And gosh, I loved it so much. Maybe this is a natural coming-together of two of my favourite things? I loved the original creaky black and white film too of course, even at 7 or 8 years old. Kids were different then.


darth vader in the jungle

Above: A jet pack—like Boba Fett’s? A la: Empire Strikes Back!

Yep, what kid doesn’t like a jet pack? George Lucas knew. He has an instinct for these things. He knew this and then copied my comic and gave one to Boba Fett!


There’s also a TIE Fighter that’s plunged to earth, a la The Force Awakens. I was ripped off again! Stick with this comic and you’ll see at least one other Force Awakensy thing—from c.1978.

Proto-Wampa Attack!

darth vader in the jungle attacked by a wild animal

Above: Attacked by a wild beast. A la: Empire Strikes Back!

And in yet another example of prescience on my part—or the work of one of George Lucas’ spies in my bedroom studio in Ireland—a main character is attacked in the opening minutes of the film. He didn’t copy the name I gave to the beast though. And I don’t blame him. For some reason, the name Jackwine makes me cringe. I don’t know why. As long-time readers at Star Wars age 9 are aware: I don’t embarass easily. I have no shame. Usually. But Jackwine really bothers me. It’s just so silly.

force ripples

Above: Use the force, Darth!

Unlike in the yet-to-arrive film of The Empire Strikes Back, this wild beast is fought off with the force. Which is fair enough. Luke had yet to try force-choking. Darth is already an old-hand at it.

darth and a dead beast

Above: I coloured this to help you figure out what’s what in the drawing!

Darth is discovered by his underlings—unconscious. With the beast still held in a death-grip. As you’ll see, later in this comic, he’s not the first main character who will have unpleasant things done to him by me. Just you wait and see!

Bonus Image

It’s another ‘pin-up’ image that ws drawn on the back of this page. It features Biggs and Vader. I suppose it’s another call-back to 1977’s ‘Star Wars’. A bit like ‘The Story So Far’ or ‘In Last Week’s Episode’ which, fittingly’ is quite Flash Gordony.

pencil star wars drawing by a 1978 kid of biggs vs vader

Above: It’s Biggs vs Vader! (click to enlarge)

vader's eyes

Above: “I only have eyes for you… Biggs.”

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