Early 1979? | age 11? I think I was a bit older when I did this, it’s too good for a 10 or 11 year old—despite the older paper it was drawn on.

Has the British TV show,  Blake’s 7 invaded Star Wars?

blake's 7 federation troopers

Above: I can’t deny the resemblance to Blake’s 7! Though it’s a show that I’d only seen for 1 episode.

Very odd. I’d only seen 1 episode of the series I think—in someone else’s house. After we came to Ireland in 1977, it was quite a long time before we had the second TV channel, RTE 2. I’m not kidding! It was painful for me to hear the other kids in the schoolyard—who had Eiffel Tower TV ariel arrangements in their gardens, and could pick up the second channel, going on about “last night’s episdoe of Blake’s 7…” When we lived in Scotland we had BBC 1 and 2, and STV (Scottish ITV), a whole 3 channels, with loads of great shows like Space 1999. In rural ireland there was 1, unless you gave over your garden to a 100 foot high mast with an ariel on top, and supporting cables criss-crossing your garden, holding it up!

Is This a Bit… Pythonesque?

Uninvited guests aboard the millennium falcon—kids' star wars comic page detail

Above: Don’t these look very like the Federation Troopers (or whatever) from ‘Blake’s 7?’

In a huge test of scientfic viability, I have these invaders teleporting into the Millennium Falcon’s hold—while the Falcon is still in hyperspace. That’s pretty impressive!

So what was my plan as I introduced this new plot element? Probably non-existent. Usually I made comics, as I’ve said before, in straight-ahead, make it up as you go along fashion. On some whim. I wonder what direction this will take? In other comics that I made, I would either write myself into corners that I couldn’t get out of or develop, and simply forget it ever happened—or even abandon the whole comic!

I love this line: “You take us to planet NRRTHUNG.” It kind of reminds me of Monty Python’s “Castle ARRGGGHH…” So silly. I bet I’d do the Star wars thing with these guys.

“We are the Nrrthung, from the planet Nrrthung, speaking to you in… Nrrthung!”

“And my name is Nrrthung… 2.”

Art Notes

I think it must have occurred to me at the time that it wasn’t obvious that Luke was with them on the Falcon. So I had Leia speak to him. Just so we’d all know he was there all along.

Leia and Han in the falcon cockpit—kids' star wars comic page detail

Above: I went through a phase of doing those shadows under the eyebrows. Interesting ‘radial-hatching’

chewie and han in the falcon cockpit, and an invader—kids' star wars comic page detail

Above: I quite like this pic’s drawing, but the Pythonesque ‘NRRTHUNG’ is a hoot!

Luke and han in the Falcon cockpit—kids' star wars comic page detail

Above: Still putting those 2 parallel creases on Luke’s cheek! Pretty sure they weren’t scars, but just laughter lines/creases.

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