c.1982/83? | age 13/14? Luke must have caused panic and terror down at the rebel base, by turning off his targeting computer—just as the Death Star is about to fire! But I suppose he’ll be OK no matter whether he hits or misses.

Art Notes

luke switches off hsi targeting computer—like a madman. Star Wars comic page detail

“Agh! Skywalkers’s lost his mind… we’re all going to die!” What a time to get religion.

Ambivalence. At a time like this?

This the part of the film in which, with the Rebels mere seconds from mass-destruction: Luke switches-off his targeting computer! Having heard the ol’ echoey voice in his head again, he actually closes his eyes whilst hurtling along the trench at one hell of a whack, toward the 2 metre wide target.

Eyes closed. Seconds from destruction.

Panic seizes the command centre on Yavin:

“Wha… your target device is off! What’s wrong?”

(Rebels of all ranks down below run about wildly—arms flailing—and yelling ‘I think we’re going to die—I think we’re going to die’)

“(Splutter) You can’t hit a two-metre-wide target on manual…”

Luke – eyes still closed, replies:

“I don’t care”

(The terror-stricken rebels below are now screaming, fighting to reach the exits, ‘He’s insane—we ARE going to die! We ARE going to die!’)

But it all works out in the end—with Luke’s flukey one-off shot. For which he’ll receive a medal and a promotion. Joseph Heller: eat your heart out.

“To what did you attribute your great victory, and saving the rebels Luke?”

“Hmmm…. Uh, I didn’t give a shit?”

Thanks again Howard

This page ends with a copy of Howard Chaykin’s version of the thermal exhaust port. It reminds me of the projector booth windows in cinemas—or something. It’s funny, I didn’t remember what it looked like in the actual film and copied the Marvel version. To be honest, I sometimes still get confused about what was in the original movie, what with the various tweaks that have been done to it over the years.

Only 3 pages left – whimper… (lower lip moving in and out now)

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