The Sandcrawler that stopped at Uncle Owen’s place


Or however it is that you do race-car sounds. I bloody love this. Sorry if you don’t but I really, really do. You know, I might actually compile all the really old 77/78 pages, get them colour-printed and bound sometime. I’d love to see what that’d look like.

As a bonus today, here’s a roughly contemporary image withSpider-sense Luke, yellow Darth and a ravishing Leia.

1978 montage

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Artwork Notes

Look at that speeder: Kapow! Whammo! Zooom! Screeeeech! Full on action – big starburst behind – crappily scribbled background. Phwoarrrrrr!

“That’s the Jawa Sandcra
– wler that stopped at uncle Owen’s place yesterday.”

Does he not realise he has a pensioner onboard? Oops, there goes Artoo – rolling and bouncing across the sands.

Cor, look at the fire and smoke! It’s rare to see so much colour being used in the comic and it makes me love this page all the more. I wish all of it had been coloured (lazy sod. A typical boy) I reckon most of the pages took about 10-15 minutes to do, on average. That puts my « new 2010 pages into perspective. You’re talking DAYS for those – at my present level of experience.

It’s great, the youthful cavalier attitude to risk. Just dash it off, try things out. If it doesn’t work – who cares? I wonder if the slanted frame was necessitated by the angle and position of the speeder? It looks like I went back to this page at some point with a blue biro and reshaped the front of the Crawler.

M1 – +

There’s the old ‘Emonetakeawayadd‘ thingy on the side of the crawler again. Seriously, where did that come from? « Read more about it here

↓ Transcript

(Wide shot of Luke Skywalker's landspeeder in action in the Tatooine desert. It's racing towards us)


(Panoramic shot of Luke's Landspeeder, foreground, with the burning Jawa sandcrawler in the distance)

"That's the Jawa sandcrawler that stopped at Uncle Owen's place yesterday." says Luke.