Art & Text Notes

A Super-Oldie page today: definitely late ’77/early ’78.

Ben Kenobi

A Quite ‘Pete-Postlethwaitey‘ looking Ben

You know, back then, I was still extremely confused about how to do all the comic-art style lines around the cheekbones. And noses were a cause of bafflement, as they are for most people – even adults. But, at least there’s a bit of colour; possibly added later, with markers that I got for my ninth or tenth birthday.

Notice also how the aforementioned <chin-dimple (bottom-right) has to get a look-in even when the face is turned away? It seems to be quite mobile.

C-3PO with a broken off arm

Poor Threepio looks pitiful.

More artistic-license has been taken here with the plot and the action – but we like that don’t we?

Ben‘s already appeared from nowhere and the fearsome Tusken Raider‘s fleeing into his cave. Without so much as a Krayt Dragon call. Then, Luke gently whispers ‘BEN KENOBI’ (broken outline but latterly added exclamation mark) followed by Ben SHOUTING:


With us so far? And just in case the reader’s brain has killed itself without first noticing the stick-figure Tusken Raider running off into his cave, we get a few little lines radiating out from him. What do you think of him making a final attempt on their lives with a chucked Gaffi Stick?

fleeing tusken raider comic page detail

The Fearsome (fleeing) Tusken Raider

And a final piece of nonsense:

Luke says “Some Jedi my uncle new said ‘es dead.”

Never mind the mangled sentence which I can still only barely comprehend without getting brain-strain… But blimey guv’nor. Luke’s gorn all Dick Van Dyke cockney he ‘as! What were you thinking young John?

Film Notes

Apparently Gaffi sticks are fashioned from extremely tough armour-plated space freighter hull. So probably a real bugger to make – when you’re stuck out in the desert living primitively. So why would you throw it away?


↓ Transcript
(Wide-shot of a man in a cloak bending over the unconscious Luke Skywalker in the desert, with See Threepio in the foreground with a torn-off arm. Behind, we see the Landspeeder and a fleeing Tusken Raider who throws his Gaffi stick at them)
"Quiet son" says the figure, "They're coming back!"
"Ben Kenobi!" gasps Luke.

(Medium-two-shot of Ben Kenobi and Luke)
'Ben Kenobi!'
"Obi-Wan. A name I haven't heard in a long time." says Ben, even though Luke hasn't said it yet.
"Some Jedi. My uncle said 'es dead." replies Luke.