Art Notes

It’s pretty pedestrian fare today, readers. Artoo’s stroll is about to be interrupted. This comes – I think – from around 1982. It’s the ‘I’m a proper artist’ stuff again – so not very funny!

The big pack of felt-tip pens from Christmas day were being enjoyed on this one. Such a pity the job wasn’t finished! Oh, God is this some sort of life-pattern?

The rock formations are better than the « 1977 ones but still – like everything, they’d really benefit from a little study of actual rocks. Well, I was clueless – no art classes in Irish schools back then unless you were educated by the Christian Brothers or nuns. Art school consisted of comics!

A Jawa stands up – raises his roof-felting blowtorch gun – and his wee friend pulls him back down. Interesting, the final frame is a night sky – with two suns in it.

Blimey! Imagine if we’d got our hands on roof-felting blowtorch guns to play with?

“Look at me – I’m a Jawa! Oops…”

Film Notes

artoo in jawa canyon comic page detail

Biro and markers

There’s the ol’ ‘pebbles tossed into shot’ bit « mentioned before KLUNK! POK! Even here, they look as if they’re being tossed!

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