1983? | age 15? Not much to see here! This was drawn on the back of the «previous page. I suppose I felt it need a little extra bit to add to the action. This is an in-between-updates update, because it doesn’t deserve one of the regular Mon, Tues, or Weds slots.

Luke: Sorry Han. Another’s past (sic) beneath me — he’s all yours!
Han: Don’t worry kid —
Luke: What? (why the confusion?)
Han: — I got him!
—Star Wars age 9, c. 1983?

Art Notes

This is a later period adaptation addition I think, the drawing is even better than that which is on the «front of the page. Luke misses the TIE Fighter, but it passes beneath the Millennium Falcon and straight into Han Solo’s sights—where it is blasted to pieces. This seems to be straight out of the novelisation.