1979/1980? | age 11 or 12? We get a bit of Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek in this page!

Fancy Layout (ish)

There’s a montage in the first big panel of the 1978—79 Battlestar Galactica Viper appearing to blast the Millennium Falcon. Han’s large montaged face—almost seeming to watch the attack—shouts to Chewie to hit the gas and go into Warp 90, fast! A very Star Trekky command, warp speed. I wonder if they were referring to warping space, to get somewhere faster, back in the 60s Star Trek?

battlestar galactica viper in star wars!—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: Hmm. That fighter-ship looks kinda familiar…


When Battlestar Galactica came out in 1978, I was annoyed by it. How DARE anyone try to outdo Star Wars. The nerve! Of course i wasn’t going to like it. I was going to be very critical and pour scorn on it. And I would look out for any instances in which they appeared to copying Star Wars. Did they say blaster instead of laser gun? That would have annoyed the hell out of me. And Apollo and Starbuck with their low slung holsters and boots and jackets like Han Solo—unpardonable! And the fact that Starbuck was a gambler—ARGGH! Like Han Solo!

Years later, I learned that George Lucas sued them over Ralph McQuarrie’s Viper space craft designs. (they looked NOTHING like X-Wings). As an adult, that seems outrageous to me, that he would sue over that. Just like he sued over Google’s Android operating system, as if George had invented the word android. But back then as a kid, as a true believer and slavishly loyal and unquestioning Lucas acolyte, I would have applauded George. Maybe it’s only fitting that I should have, in turn, ripped off Battlestar and Star Trek for my Star Wars comic?

Oh and it also annoyed me that it cost a fortune to make. Only Star Wars can cost millions, I thought! How dare they make it the most expensive production ever so that they can be as good as Star Wars!?!?

The fact that SPACE 1999 was the most expensive TV show of all time didn’t bother me though. Maybe because Star Wars still didn’t exist then.

Did it stop me watching Battlestar Galactica every single Sunday night? Did it hell. Watched every one. Annoyed and delighted in equal measure.

han solo in hyperspeed—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: ‘Warp 90’ looks kind of ouchy

Snarky Leia

Once again, almost predicting Leia’s antagonistic behaviour toward Han in the official still-to-come movie, I have her belittling his abilities. She even uses the same scornful phrase that Han used about Luke’s success, training under Ben Kenobi against the remote floaty ball. “I call it luck.”

Imagine if I had Han reply quietly, through the side of his mouth, so Luke can’t hear, “In my uh… experience, there’s no such thing as uh… luck” a la Ben Kenobi.

Does it seem quite British, the way Han says, “What a perfect expert—me!” Maybe it’s in Yorkshire or Lancashire that someone might brag, “See that? I’m flippin’ brilliant, me.” At least I think so. Maybe our British readers can confirm or deny?

It’d be funny if Han flew into Cloud City and exclaimed, “Eeee… i’nt it luvley, int  big city.”

Colonial Viper

By the way, this guy wants to raise money to build a (Battlestar Galactica) Colonial Viper Car, to drive his kids to school.

We would be honored if you would join us… and leave a comment below. I love to read them.