1979/1980? | age 11 or 12? What the dagg does dagg mean? Maybe I was inspired by Battlestar Galactica’s ‘Daggit’, and the swear word ‘drokk’ from 2000ad?

Luke Shoots Him in the Goolies

Luke warns the intruder not to touch his gun, and reluctantly shoots him. His initial reluctance overcome, he then shoots him in the private parts just to make sure. At least, that’s what it looks like. I suppose it’s another example of drawing a gun pointing the wrong way, then having the shot not go where you intended.


unhappy luke—kids' star wars comic page image detail

Above: Is Luke slumped in his seat with relief—or remorse?

The last panel is messy and all over the place in terms of perspective, but it’s still quite ambitious and nice. Han’s looking down at the slain intruder’s body, rubbing his head, and probably pleased. But Luke looks a little unhappy, or maybe even remorseful about what he was driven to do.

On the right, we get a nice little vignette of Leia assuring Chewie that “Han’ll be alright.”

Hey, I just noticed—Luke’s in his farmboy clothes again. Remember how he was in his Throne Room ski-jacket <a few pages ago on Yavin? It looks like he did a quick change onboard the Falcon. Maybe that’s why it didn’t seem obvious that he was actually onboard until they emerged from Hyperspace an <Leia called over to him to fasten his seat-belt.

Oh, Han says that “he tried to kill me”. What, with his mind? Why not just shoot Han instead? No, It looks like the intruder was either trying to drive Han mad, torture him, or maybe even teach him something. Will we ever know?

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