c.1982/1983? | age 13/14? When I get to this bit in the film I realise that’s it’s all bang-bang-bang: non-stop excitement. From one perilous situation into another. And this—this!—is the scene in which the trio of Hamill, Ford and Fisher really find their stride. Much to George’s annoyance it seems! Far too much improv for his liking.

The interplay is exciting and funny. Ford rewrote many of his lines, something Carrie wished she’d had the confidence and seniority to suggest doing. She really envied him for that. But can you imagine if Harrison Ford had never auditioned for this? Christopher Walken would’ve been pretty good, and charismatic–but maybe a bit restrained and definitely creepy. Kurt Russell would be pretty good too, but for me, not as likeable. And I wonder how George would have found the experience of working with Walken? I can’t imagine that the actor would be content to just do as he was told and recite the lines verbatim.

Art Notes: OOOOOWW! It’s a garbage shute!

trash compactor star wars comic

Howard Chaykin’s Marvel version (« thief!)

I swear to God, Howard Chaykin must have had a « camera concealed in my house. His version looks just like my own. I mean, what other explanation could there be for that? Think about it readers, just think about it.

Princess Leia in the trash compactor star wars comic

Beautiful Princess Leia—up to her hips in garbage

Do you see that in the top panel, a corner has been added to the corridor that wasn’t there previously. But I suppose:

A.) It gives the Stormtroopers a believable excuse for not firing a single decent shot—between the lot of them—down a narrow corridor at a group of 4 people who are standing around having an argument

B.) It gave me more options for composition.