1978 or ’79 | age 10 or 11 The sequel picks up immediately after the first film ‘Star Wars’, with: Vader tumbling through space, and a ruthless Mos Eisley massacre. What a sweet child was! And not for the first time. This is post August 1978, because the title of the new film was officially released on August 4th 1978.

star wars comic detail stormtrooper in mos eisley

Above: A Stormtrooper gives his genocidal order to a TIE Fighter pilot

Not PG! We kick off with some horrendous violence

I pulled no punches with drawn violence when I was a kid. The massacre shown here, would have been inspired by the sort of thing I’d seen in Warlord comic. It was pretty common in that 1970s comic, for German SS troops to demand from the citizens of a pretty occupied hill village, the names of the local partisan saboteurs—or else. The villagers would say nothing and the firing squads would start their work.

comic detail of a mos eisley massacre

Above: The citizens are massacred by TIE Fighters

Not content have the innocent population executed by Stormtroopers—or even TIE Fighters, I get a Star Destroyer in on the act too. I wouldn’t want to be a Stormie standing around when that happened.

Poor Darth is cold

darth vader's TIE fighter tumbles through space comic page detail

Above: Poor Darth’s toes are getting cold

It’s interesting that I supposed that Darth’s TIE Fighter, now without any power, would have dropped to sub-zero temperatures inside. He goes “Brrr!” Aw bless him. He should have worn a jumper and thermal socks under his evil outfit!

I named the planet Dandooine. Was that because Leia suggested Dantooine to Tarkin as the rebel base location? (She must have thought it was an unimportant s**thole) I changed just 1 letter. Of course, we’ve seen in SWa9 that it’s not unusual for me to have misspelled things.

Art Notes

I wonder why I drew it in red biro and green markers? I suspect I drew it crudely in green markers, and later added the more precise red ballpoint pen.

Bonus Image

This was stapled to the back, in blue biro. It’s the final Throne Room Medal Ceremony scene from ‘Star Wars’. Drawn by an older hand, perhaps around 1980? I suppose it’s meant to act as a bridge between ‘Star Wars’ and my sequel.

the throne room medal scene in star wars

Above: A later stapled in callback to the original film! (click to enlarge)

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