early 1978/2010 | age 9/age 42 It’s the special edition version of the «previous page. I drew this when I was 9, and coloured it as a grown-up when I was around 42! Great fun to do.

The original un-coloured version «view it

The fun idea was to take the oldest, wobbliest, most naive looking pages and try to give them a colouring that’s as close to the original movie as possible—and see how it looks!

I think I over-did the glowy effects though. It’s a tricky thing to and reminds me of the re-mastered version of Howard Chaykin’s original Marvel adaptation, which came out a few years ago. The problem with that—to my eyes—is the stylistic clash between Chaykin’s old-school, inks and the modern glowy, gradienty Photoshop colouring. It just doesn’t work, especially on his earliest pages. You have drawing/inking with it quite loose and ‘expressive’ and not trying to be very realistic looking—which is then given a digital colouring treatment which seems to be attempting to make it look more realistic and photographic.

I just don’t think it works.

This is first page that I did the Special Edition Colouring work on. I might re-do it, at some point and make it less flashy looking.

Comments below please! I love ’em.