We’ve said some quick goodbyes to the dustball and we’re off to Alderann! Theoretically. Are we sitting comfortably gang?

Read Part 6 of the Comic

In this section you will learn:

  • What precaution to take when making the jump into hyperspace
  • How to coerce one’s daughter into telling the truth – using drugs
  • How to commit genocide
  • How to cheat at 3D holographic claymation space-chess
  • How to swing a deadly weapon in a confined, populated space blindfolded


And many more uselful life-lessons! Watch this space. (Probably best not to tell your parents)

All of these tantalising nuggets sifted from the grit, and more, in the version you’ve been bloody-well gagging for since 1977. Let’s go!

Read Part 6 of the Comic

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