Inside the Jawa sandcrawler in this 1977 kid's Star Wars comic adaptation

Threepio and Artoo crash-land in this Star Wars comic adaptation of 1977 onwards… and so begins some of the best character interplay of the film.

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  • In this adaptation it seems that even robots can cry ». And this – drawn by the same diseased mind that brought you the « horrors of part 1? You see? Viewing ‘horror’ simply doesn’t create psychos. This 9 year old turned out fine – honest.
  • Some fairly decent quality artwork » sticks its nose in and proves that GOOD isn’t necessarily BETTER. At least, not for our purpose – which is to have a good laugh. God, I wonder how much of the old, crappy but endearing » artwork was sacrificed for this slicker, dull stuff?
  • We also get an alternate take of R2 and Threepio’s capture by the Jawas » of Tatooine!

Not much else to say really, just dive in and see what you think yourself! All will be revealed, in the version you’ve been bloody-well gagging for since 1977. Popcorn ready? Let’s go

Read Part 2

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