Luke shields his eyes as Biggs' X-Wing explodes - Star Wars comic panel detail

Goddamn it! We’re nearing the end of the book. Yes, this is part 10—the Last part—the ‘Last Battle’, or as it’s called nowadays: The Battle of Yavin. How will I cope when the comic ends?

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1978 Star Wars soundtrack album label

Note the Rep. of Ireland which is scribbled out! A poor de-patriated Brit

Quite a bit of the story has been lost – never to be recovered probably. But to get an idea of what happened between the TIE Fighter attack and the briefing room scene we can turn to (no, not George’s version—that’d be ridiculous) – we can turn to the Marvel comic, the novel and the Radio drama. But this raises all sorts of questions:

Star Wars Weekly comic no.10 cover

Marvel UK’s frankly ridiculous take on the film!

Will our heroes survive their storming of the rebel fortress at Yavin—guns drawn against the terrifying defensive forces of the Rebels who are baying for their blood? Will they find that the space-dumspster that they’re cramped into is a good defense against rebel lasers, but physically restrictive?

All of these tantalising nuggets sifted from the grit, and more, in the version you’ve been bloody-well gagging for since 1977. Let’s go!

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