In July 2009 I started to put it all online–bit by bit. Namely: all of the Star Wars comic I drew (drawed?) between 1977 and c.1983. Making it  a 21st Century WebComic; and over 4 decades old. It’s a Resurrection! It got some fans and some nice reviews> online. It was even given a full page in Spain’s leading cinema magazine>!

photo of home made star wars age 9 comic book

Above: In all of its ragged, 4 decades old, 185 page glory. Before it was signed by Kenny Baker

The Spark!

The original star wars comic

What’s that insignia on Darth Vador’s arm? Is he a biker?

My parents seem to have saved much of it enroute to the bin! This was a joyful discovery in mid-2009 when my dad handed me a bag of old drawings that he’d kept up in his wardrobe. Since then, their attic has revealed more: crumpled, partially eaten by silverfish and worse – covered in bird droppings.

Other Finds

The original star wars comic

The Irish Village where nothing happened where it all happened

Hundreds more drawings unearthed in archaeological digs in mum and dad’s attic. Mostly of Star Wars including the very first ones that I dashed onto paper, on the sitting room floor, the minute I got home from the cinema having seen it for the first time.

It’s funny to see the details I vividly remembered and others that I had to invent. It was all a bit visually overwhelming for a 9 year old I suppose!